There is a huge variety of tasks that need doing at an elementary school. There are classroom teachers who ask for volunteers to spend one-on-one time reading with a child in need of extra help. Teachers need help to copy homework pages or prep for lesson plans and class projects.

We rely on volunteers to teach Art Literacy classes, help chaperone field trips, and lend a hand at evening family events. There is something for everyone!

1. To volunteer, you will need to register and complete a background check from the Beaverton School District website – Go There.
2. You will receive an approval and “next steps” email from the Beaverton School District. Once you receive that confirmation email, please visit myimpactpage.com¬†to sign-up for volunteer opportunities. Each time a volunteer volunteers at a school they must sign in AND out through the volunteer computer in the school’s front office.

Once you are in our volunteer database (Helpcounter), you will receive email invitations periodically to sign up for the opportunities that work best for you.

You are wanted. You are needed. You are appreciated!

Do you have a skill set that you think would be useful to the McKinley Community? Reach out to us!”

Ready to find out how you can help?

Thank you for your support!

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator